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Version: v2


Files and folder can be enriched with metadata and displayed. Metadata is stored in a file called <name>.dbmeta.json, where <name> is the exact file (including extension) or folder name. Put it in the same folder as the target file or folder. Metadata is stored in a JSON format specified below.

The *.dbmeta.json files are hidden from the user and cannot be viewed.

/foo bar/cool project.dbmeta.json
"description": "A short project description ⭐",
"labels": ["danger:Laravel", "primary:PHP 8", "dark:Hot 🔥"],
"hidden": false,
"password": "mysecurepassword"



A short description of the file or folder. This is displayed in the file tree.

Default is empty.


Labels always start with a style and a colon :, followed by the label text. The following styles are available:

  • primary
  • secondary
  • success
  • danger
  • warning
  • info
  • light
  • dark

Default is empty.


If set to true, the file or folder is hidden from the file tree. However, it can still be accessed by URL directly. Can be combined with password protection.

Default is false.


See Password Protection.

Default is empty.